Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I'm back, but did I really leave?

Heya all. Well, Amy showed me her blog, and it got me thinking that maybe I should give this thing another shot. Of course, all the while realizing that no one reads it at all. I wish I was more like Anuj. I mean he's like the smartest guy I know and he has tons of people reading his blog. Of course he actually updates it semi-regularly and he knows more people than me, but its the principle of it all!

OK, moving on. Most of my Grades are in. I'm feeling ok. B's across the board, except in Torts where a B- reared its ugly head. I'm still waiting on Contracts and Property to come in. If I had to guess I'd say I'm probably looking at a couple of more Bs in my future. Not bad. I don't mind being average at all.

I'm in the Library now, working on my brief for the write on. I'm up to 4 pages, and I told myself I deserved a break, so here I am.

The Braves are killing me right now. I don't know why Bobby has to bring in Roman "I don't have it this year" Colon when there's a 1 run lead. It was almost as bad as Kolb. On the plus side at least Modesi's gone. Three cheer's for the Kelly Johnson Era!! Yay, yay, Y-Yay!

Class is normal. It lasts 20 minutes too long, but that's what I get I guess.

OK, it is now my intention to get back to work. Leave a comment so I can fool myself into thinking that for every person that comments there are 10 reading who don't comment.


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