Monday, April 17, 2006

Me Writer, me write good.

Well, Mac, over at recently had a sonnet contest to ridicule the Braves' new pitching coach. My 4 years of studying English paid off and I won. I got to compose a Fun Mets Fact, and I get a book full of SEC stats. Wooohooo. Anyway, here's the poem, preserved for all time via the magic of the Internet:

Riding into Atlanta, the Sienfeldian second spitter
Only he can replace Leo, the front office said
Giving advice to vets and rookies to try and go challenge the hitter
ERAs just rise, while each fan bangs his head.

Reality has set in, in this the second week
A Brave starter still hasn't recorded a win
McDowell sucks, in fact he actually reaks
Can't a pitcher get an out? Someone pass the Gin

Don't think we've forgotten Leo here in Atlanta
Oh he was the best, now we're stuck with Rog
We know the McDowell era will require gallons of Mylanta
Even he knows if this keeps up he'll have to get out of Dodge.

Leo why have you forsaken us?
Like we didn't suffer enough with the Ortiz known as Russ.


Blogger Amy said...

um. or "banging her head." let's not forget the chick fans in the world.

not fans of chicks. chicks who are fans.

shut up.

11:36 AM  
Blogger the late night loser said...

My name is Wesley, I have a blog should visit Clarksville/Nashville more often and post more often too, but what do I know I don't even have a degree yet

12:04 PM  
Blogger LatNam said...

Amy: that would have messed up my meter.

Wesley: I try to get up that way whenever I can. And I post as often as something interesting happens. And I have a degree so there. :P

6:52 PM  

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