Thursday, August 31, 2006

Sell out, with me oh yeah / Sell out, with me tonight.

... The record company's gonna give me lots of money, then everything's gonna be all right. Oh, sorry, channeling some Reel Big Fish there. Anyway, I've decided that in order to increase my chances of updating this blog more often, I needed an incentive. Enter, Google Ads. As you can see on the top of the page, there's a Ad thingee. Enjoy.

Now, to make this an actual blog entry: Classes suck. They're really just so incredibly boring most of the time. Well, except for education law. I feel like I'm learning less this semester than any other semester ever. (That includes my semester taking Communications online back at APSU, so it really means something.) If any teachers of mine are reading this, then I can only suggest you teach new material, because I'm not really getting into this at all.

This weekend is Labor day. Always fun. I guess. Belinda and I may be doing something, but nothing's set in stone just yet. I'll keep you up to date. Anyway, now that I have my incentive, I'll be posting more often. I hope. Stay tuned.


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