Saturday, June 18, 2005

Day of "Fun"

Well, today was the day to go and help out in the community and gain something to put on my resume that was very empty when it came to legal related "stuff." Belinda and I got up at the butt crack of dawn, and headed down to Billy & Mandy's apartment, into their car, and down into the bowels of hell, I mean Atlanta. (If you're from Atlanta I realize it doesn't seem that bad, but trust me, as an outsider, it just plain sucks, Go Braves!) We met up with Gussio & Anuj there. Anuj was to have registered us with his firm (King and Spalding), but somehow, our names weren't on the list. Apparently it didn't matter and they let us participate in Service Juris day anyway.

Basically Belinda, Mandy, and I spent about 4 hours pitch forking mulch into wheelbarrows that Anuj and Gussion took to a hill and dumped out, while Billy did some work too I'm sure. The real benefit here is I have a T-shirt that definitely won't fit, but if it had, would lead people to believe I worked at King and Spalding, and thus a much better Law Student then they are. Which would be a lie. (Well to about half of the students it'd be a lie).

After yesterday and today I'm freakin' hurting all over. Its not even a good hurt. Hopefully I'll be better by Monday as that's when I get to go get injured all over again.

In exciting personal news, this blog has helped me reunite with an old friend. Reading this James? Just by doing that one thing, this blog has done more for me than I ever thought it would. Now I just have to figure out a way to get to CO. or get James to GA to fully catch up on old times. (He still hasn't met the Granville that gets plastered on Friday and/or Saturday Nights)

Man, ending these things suck. Fark it all. (Can you tell I've learned how to use the hyperlink button?) How about a picture too? Hmm.. Lemme try another post.


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