Friday, February 16, 2007

Day 2 of the Forsberg Era

Wow, I'm just an updating machine, aren't I? This is short. I just wanted to point out that the further we get into the Forsberg era, the more I can't believe its actually happened. Barry Melrose said on SportsCenter that this the biggest thing that ever happened to the Predators. I have to agree. This tops the previous big thing, which was the signing of Paul Kariya, which topped the one before that, the trade for Steve Sullivan. Before that? Um. Well, Nashville held the draft one year... Basically, people have to take the Preds seriously now. I know most players/coaches respected the team, but now fans, broadcasters, and sportswriters have to really pay attention. Its a good time to be a Predator fan. (Whenever I stop to think about the trade, I can't help but laugh; of course that could just be the onslaught of insanity I knew was in my future.)

Couple of things before I go:
I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere, but Peter Forsberg currently holds the record for most points scored at the GEC. I remember watching the game, and I remembered him tying Gretzky, but, according to my Preds Media Guide, it turns out he passed the Great One. 1G 5A 6Pts. I remember his goal vividly. He was in the slot, he got knocked down, kept control of the puck, turned a 180 on his knees firing a blind backhand shot passed whoever it was. (I know the date, 1-1-03, but I can't find the boxscore, so I don't know who was in goal.)

Oh, and below is the postage stamp issued in Sweden following Forsberg's 1994 gold medal winning shootout goal. The game was against Canada, and the final shooter for the Canadians as, oddly enough, Paul Kariya. (He missed.)


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