Sunday, June 19, 2005

System of a Borges.

I've found myself the last few weeks listening to System of a Down almost exclusively. Those who know me, know that I like music that doesn't seem to fit my personality at all. Meaning that most of the music I like is loud, angry, and, um LOUD. System of a Down certainly fits that description, and I was so impressed with their most recent CD (Mesmerize) that I went out and bought Toxicity and I've been enjoying them both tremendously. Almost enough for me to go out and actually purchase Steal This Album, and their self titled first album (of which I have long ago downloaded a couple of songs via I-tunes).

I think its safe to say that SoaD has become my new favorite band. Now, I'm not crazy enough to recommend everyone run out and buy their CDs, but I would suggest you take a listen and give them a chance. (Cautionary note: SoaD is a pretty political band, so you almost definatly won't like most of their songs if you're a fan of Fox News, if you know what I mean.)

Moving on to the second part of the title of this entry, I just wanted to discuss my affection of Jorge Borges. I believe that Borges was one of, if not the greatest writer ever. I've been reading this and really enjoying everything. It's almost enough to make me want to learn Spanish so that I can read and really understand what he writes. Almost. The translation I have is pretty good, and reading his stories make me understand why I have a degree in English. (From the "Designated State of Tennessee Liberal Arts University": Austin Peay State University.) Anyway, my point is, if you love to read, and you should, you should read some of Borges's short stories. They work on a ton of levels, and most of the time you'll need more than one reading just to figure out exactly what it was you just read, but there's no mistaking the brilliance that is Jorge Luis Borges.


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When I read "The Neverending Story" it made my want to learn German so that I could appreciate it in it's original tongue. Then I took one semester of German, got a D, and realized thereupon that the desire to know more of a book will not fuel an entire course in another language. So avoid folly. Enjoy books in English. Unless you already know another language in which case there's no excuse not to read the books in their original languages. Lazy gits.

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