Friday, July 08, 2005

The long anticipated, never duplicated, only slightly refrigerated "Pitts Trip" Recap...

This is a little late, but I've just now had time to sit down and write this out. To start as most stories do, with the beginning. My friend Shawn, is a native of Pitts, GA, and he invited a bunch of us down for the 4th o' July. I'm also from a small town, (Cross Plains, TN) but David Gussio and my wife Belinda, are from pretty big cities, so they were interested to see what it was like. The three of us left on July 2nd, and headed for the dim lights and lonely streets of the small town.

I should point out that when packing for the trip Belinda wanted to pack swimming suits, but I told her no, as I didn't think there would be any swimming to be had. If only I had known we were going to a lakehouse. Doh!

We arrive at Shawn's family's lakehouse and get settled. Shortly after that we head on over to were the action is, a friend of Shawn's house. (Who I'm almost certain was named Daniel, but when you meet a lot of people at once, its almost impossible to remember names.) At Daniel's there were a lot of people on the dock, and a keg by the house. Those of you who know me, know that I'm not a fan of beer, but I was saved as eventually Shawn's friend Rob brought a bottle of Maker's Mark. I had never heard of it before, but whiskey's whiskey, so I drank practically the whole thing. (Later Goose would call the amount I drank "ridiculous.") Then other stuff happened, most of which I can't remember. I do remember Gussio winning the "stand on a stump" game I invented (not as much fun as throw the wallet, but you do what you can). And I remember calling Amy, saying something then hanging up. And later in the night I deduced that it had rained, because everything was wet. I think I was inside or on the porch when that happened because I was dry.

The next day I heard tales of Shawn playing in a band, of Shawn's freind Lee pulling a broken down boat to a dock, and of a dead alligator. Of course, I was hangover-less. (Though I must admit there are large chunks of time missing from my memory, and that really freaks me out, I'll never be that drunk again, so if you weren't there, sorry you missed it.) Day two was the day we went into Pitts proper.

Pitts was an interesting town. Its certainly bigger in area than Cross Plains, (or seems that way) but it has fewer people. I'd like to use this space to once again thank Shawn's family for the wonderful lunch we had that Sunday. (Where stories were told of rattlesnakes, kittens, Bensons, roosters, and Bear/Deer hybrids. No. Really.) Mmm Turkey. Then Shawn took us on a tour of Wilcox county. We saw the fields, the chicken houses, the pecan orchards, the fields, historic© downtown, Shawn's great-granfathers old cars, a turtle, the fields, the goats, the huge freezer, the fields, the incinerator(from the kitten story, duh), and the fields. There were a lot of fields.

There is more of course, but that will have to wait for another time. Or day. Or something. I read somewhere that short entries were better, as the attention span of people isn't long enough to sit through a long story. But I'm not really sure, I couldn't finish it.


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yes yes. that's all well and good. but what the public really wants to know is, "What happened at the Braves game on the fifth?"

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Hey, I'm waiting till the time is right, it will be updated. Sooner or later. I need to 'feel' the update. Wait, another way to put it.. The Update is already there, I just need to remove everything that isn't the update. Now I'm just being silly.

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i feel left out...sniff sniff.

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