Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Serious for a moment

Please forgive me as I give being serious a try. For those who know me well, you know that I'm rarely serious and I'm usually joking, trying one-liners, and generally being a hilarious person to be around (I'm also very, very humble). But like most people, I have more than one emotion(see even here I can't help being a little jokey). Basically what I'm trying to say is I go through a wide range of emotions, but I hardly ever show them. Sometimes it can wear on me, so I've decided to use this blog as some kind of therapy. I justify this by telling myself that no one really reads this thing, and anyone who does I won't mind them having read it, and if some stranger reads it, what do I care?

Lets start with my grades for the first year of law-school. I'm not dissapointed by any means. And I believe that my grades are an accurate representation of the amount of work/knowlege of the material that I put in/learned. But there are times when I think that maybe I should've went to UT, where I would have had a scholarship, where I would've been in state for lower loans, and where I probably would be much closer to the top 3rd of the class than bottom 3rd. Of course I know I made the right choice in coming to UGA if for no other reason than the people. I'm sure UT has some great people as well, but I really believe that I've made some life long friends here.

Belinda's brother, mom, and nephews are coming down from Nashville tomorrow and a weekend of hijinx and fun should ensue. I'm sure. One thing is it does make me a bit jealous. I don't have any family to come and visit. Wesley came down, and I had a good time with him, but besides that I can't think of anyone that would come down to visit. (Maybe Jason T., but its just hard for him to find time). I dunno. I really miss my parents, and I'm sad that they never got to see me finish college, get married, or (eventually) finish law school.. Its just very depressing....

I remember a conversation I had with JasonF once, he said something or other about why I was so sad all the time, and I told him the reason was that my mom would probably be dead in 5 years and my dad in ten. This was before I started college and I didn't know what the hell I'd be doing next. It turns out that I gave both my parents too much time as my mom passed in 1999 and dad in 2002. Not many people know this (only Belinda and her mom as far as I know) but my parents didn't pass in a hospital, but at home. I found them both.

But basically things are good now. Sometimes I just get sad for no reason, but it passes and I go back to playing MLB 2005 and all is well. Well I feel better having just written this down, I promise that next time my post will be more in tune with normal.

Oh one more thing: Congratulations Kelly