Saturday, August 18, 2007

Goings on...

What's the internet for? Shopping? News? Fantasy Sports? Pornography, Communication? All of the above? Of course. But it's also for more. Obviously, I've known about MySpace forever. I do watch "To Catch A Predator" everyone once in a while you know. But I never saw the point. Well, never until everyone I know moved away from where I'm living, and a friend who I hadn't seen in 4-5 years messaged me to say hi. I logged in, amazed at myself for not having thought of it before: All my friends, who I've ever known all in one place. I found my best friend from Kindergarten. He has a kid now. He remember the last time we saw each other (August 15, 2000). I've found other friends who I hadn't seen in longer than that, and others I just lost touch with after law school.

Anyway, I've been posting over there a lot lately. ('s a ton of pictures and a few "blog" entries. I'll do my best to cross post the blog entries here, but no promises. Below is a cut and paste job of the last few. See you out there. (Oh, and if you're not there yet, and I know you, which I should since you're reading this, you should head over. My long term goal is to get everyone I know into one room to hang out. I mean you all obviously have great taste in friends.)

Friday, August 17, 2007

The great question has been answered....

The question of course was this: "Superbad, great movie, or greatest movie?" The answer: Greatest movie! I'd been looking forward to this movie since I saw that Micheal Cera (Arrested Development's George Michael) was going to co-star. He's excellent in his role as Ethan, slightly nerdy/shy high school student, which is basically the same character he played on AD. I cannot recommend a movie more than Superbad, though you will see a lot of penises. Hilarious, hilarious penises.

Oh, and there's also a trailer for Harold and Kumar which 90% of the people in the theatre were surprised to see. Can't wait for that one either.

Oh, and as if Superbad wasn't Bad@$$ enough, they mention a Granville Rd. I'm like totally in the movie. OK, I'm out.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sitting in a parking lot. (updated)
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Hey all. I made it to my interview early, and I don't have anything else to do, so I'm writing. Of course, I don't have a computer,(if only I had an IPhone!) so I'm writing by hand, and I'll type this up later. This is so slow, it's making me crazy. I don't know how some professional authors do it this way. Either way, by the time you all read this I'll have edited I'm sure.

The whole way down here I was left w/ only my thoughts and the latest Barenaked Ladies' CD, so of course I did a lot of thinking. I always have likd music, and I used to always say every song was depressing. I mean, read between the lines and even "Shiny, Happy People" is practically suicidal. Anyway, I like to analyze song lyrics and I've discovered that this latest CD has a great many songs tied directly into my recent MySpace reconnections. Well, except for the song about robbing a bank that happens to be filled with nuns. That's just funny. I'll throw in some lyrics some other post. I used to always end e-mails with song lyrics. Often with double meanings. I thought I was so clever.

James added me yesterday. Or "Ken" I suppose. I mean I know it is his name and all, but when you know somone one way, its hard to change it in your head. I'll try. He has a birthday coming up at the end of August. 30 yet? I feel old, so it's nice to have some of you around who are older than me. Of course, Wesley is 23, and looks 14 so that makes me feel older.

There are many people here I neer thought I'd see again, and a few others I know I won't. At least now I can stay in touch electronically. I wrote yesterday that I was (am) good at making friends, which is true, but I'm not very good @ keeping them. Usually from the moving, but sometimes for other reasons. There's always something.

I miss everyone in very specific ways. Whether it is seeing your face in the hall, beating/getting beat by you in various video games, talking over the phone, watching you post horribly inflammatory comments directed at Mets' fans, going bowling in the middle of the week, playing lazer tag, working together, talking before during or about class. Even if its just one specific memory, you've all shaped who I am. Yet... Oh, phone, gotta go.

Edit: As promised, some lyrics:

"On the path of life, I wish you well/Divergent journeys, but we will meet again in Hell/I kept my head down and moved on/Til every friend I'd known was gone/Then, one day, I was not alone/Everything had changed, everything was strange " -BNL "Everything had Changed"

"I'm a kid in a candy store/I'm a bull in a china shop/I'm a tired old metaphor
For everything you can't afford/And everything you can't afford to be
I'm a public embarrassment/I'm a bottle of diet poison
I'm a walking advertisement/For everything I never meant
And everything I never meant to be" -BNL Bull in a China Shop

"If you are leaving then I wish you luck/I hope someone can make your heart warm/I was a baby when I learned to suck/But you have raised it to an art form
Yes I'm out of line/But you're out of your mind" -BNL Wind it up

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

About Me. (Cross-posted from Bulletin)
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Note: This is going to be all about me. So if you don't want to know about me, it is best if you not read this, because you're gonna be disappointed. Though I will say, I've led a pretty interesting life, believe it or not.

Hello, all of you reading this.

People always do those "about me" forms, and those forms actually do a decent job of letting people know who one is at the moment as well as key moments from one's life.

I personally just don't like them. Clarification: I like reading them, not writing them.

So, I thought I'd try to do a little free form writing to fill in some gaps that might be in your knowledge about me. All of you will learn something about me from this. Well maybe not Belinda, but the rest of you will, I'm sure. Even you Wesley. Some of you know me extremely well (Belinda, Wesley, Ricky); some of you were best friends I lost contact with (Jason "Johnny" Fromm, Paul "Cardinal Stump," Phillip); some of you I knew well in law school (Anna, Amy (if she ever adds me hah!); some of you I was just acquaintances with in law school, (Kimberly, Jennifer, Chris, Katie, Rachel); some of you I knew through RA work at APSU, (Scotty Dale, Naydia, Jason, David); some of you I was good friends with at APSU (Nicole, Michelle, Jessica); some of you I know almost exclusively through the internet (Ben, Kayte); some of you I only know through mutual friends (Nick "Capt. Lame," Erica, Elizabeth, Greg, Amanda, Nick, Devin); some of you I'm not sure how I met(you know who you are, oh, unless you weren't on my friends list when I wrote this, in that case I may know how I know you, but this is all I have to go on right now).

The best part to start with any story is the beginning. (I have an English degree, so I'm pretty sure on this point. And don't go throwing Pulp Fiction or American Beauty at me, they're exceptions.) Ahem, anyway, I was born Dec 16, 1980 in Newport News, VA. Shortly thereafter I was adopted by Lawrence and Anna Powers. My grandparents. Now, my mom, Anna, wasn't my biological grandmother, but had married my biological grandfather Lawrence. I've always considered them my parents, even though they told me "the truth" at a very young age. (4-5? I can't remember not knowing.) The fun thing about this, is my biological mother is my legal sister. Her other biological son is my brother and my nephew. Freaky! My mom and dad were living in Detroit when I was born, and that's where I spent my first 6 months of life. Shortly thereafter the decided to move to middle Tennessee. I have no idea why they chose that area. (My mom was from East Tennessee, dad was from the Virginia mountains. They were married in Miami, Oklahoma, and lived in Michigan. I guess the job market was good.) Anyway, we settled in Cross Plains (30 miles north of Nashville). My dad was a long haul truck driver, I'd only see him a weekend every couple of weeks, while my mom stayed at home, and even ran a little babysitting ring where I got to know a lot of other kids. I went to East Robertson Elementary, until 2nd grade, when I guess the job market wasn't that good anymore, because we moved to East Tennessee in 1988. I've moved a lot in my life. Including college moves and everything, its.. umm 13 different residences I can remember. (Belinda has had 3, oh and we're getting ready to move again.)

All the moving made it hard to keep friends (no MySpace back then. Also, I've found that people I remember, and who've had a big effect on my life don't remember me. A bit disheartening. I don't know if that's just a good memory on my part, or the fact that after I've left a place, the other people stay, so they're just missing one thing, while I'm missing my whole world, which leaves a bigger impression? I don't know. More on this later.) So, while it was hard to keep friends, I was pretty good at making them. I'd like to think those of you who know me with any degree of depth think of me as funny, affable, and generally nice to be around. Seriously, to know me is to love me. In school I did well, but I hated it so much. (I still hate the school system, and I'd say just scrap it and start over if it was at all feasible.) Eventually, the job market got better in middle Tennessee and we moved back. This would have been in 1993, 94? Somewhere around there. We ended up moving back to Cross Plains and I ended up going to the same school. It was very surreal seeing all these familiar faces, just a bit older. None of who remembered me. (Except Paul and Philip, of course, thanks guys.) All of whom I remembered. Though it was fun telling people personal information about themselves I remembered (middle names, birthdays, etc) and them thinking I was psychic. Everyone had changed so much, but I felt the same. This period of my life was hell. Walking around people I knew that didn't know me. I recently had a thought that Heaven was just a big party, and everyone you ever knew was there to talk about old times, if that's heaven then hell would have to be being surrounded by people you know who don't know you, or don't care to know you. Like that Green Day song: "Nobody likes you/everyone left you/they're all out without you/having fun." I ended up talking my mom into homeschooling me, just to escape that place. Of course, my mom wasn't in the best of health, so we never actually did any of the home-school work. I officially became a middle school drop-out leaving in the middle of the 8th grade. After dropping out, life was good. I didn't do anything except play video games and goof off on the computer. Eventually I made my way to a comic book store, and started buying and reading comics. Then Magic: The Gathering came out, and boom, friends fell from the heavens. JasonF, JasonT, Chris, and a cast of dozens at the comic book store nearly everyday. Still the Jasons, Chris and I were the core, and we spent a lot of time hanging out and playing video games and what-not. I was the youngest, as the rest of them had just graduated High School or were about to. My second job ever was at the comic book store, and the 30% discount on comics was very helpful. Soon, it was 1999.

Nineteen Ninety-nine was a big year in my life. I took the GED in the Spring. (I wasn't allowed to take it before I turned 18, or else I would've. I think at least 40% of high school freshman could pass that test on the first try, but society feels the need to have them waste 4 years learning stuff they already know or don't need. Sorry, tangent.) My mother also passed away in the summer of 1999. That sucked. She was the one who wanted me to get my GED, and I'm glad I did. She had gotten hers when I was younger, and she was very proud of it. My dad at this point was trying to force me into work. I mean, it makes sense. I was 18 and didn't have a real job. Wanting to avoid hard labor, I talked him into letting me look at colleges. The closest one was APSU, and after taking the ACT, I was in. I had to take remedial English and math, as well as 2 years of Spanish to make up my "high school deficiencies." Eh, it wasn't too bad, though I'm still not good at math.

My best friend in college was Brian Curtis, and though he's on MySpace, I haven't added him yet because of how he treated a mutual friend. I may add him one day, but that's neither here nor there. Brian was the greatest roommate ever, because he was never there, but when he was there he'd clean. Brian became an RA, and Jason and I shared a room for one very odd semester, before I became an RA. Becoming an RA happened at the right time, because during the summer between rooming with Jason and becoming an RA, my dad passed away. (This would be 2002, we're almost caught up!) Being an RA meant a free room, plus a paycheck, and that was extremely needed. David Baron, thanks for taking a chance with me. I know Brian recommended me, so thanks to you to, even if you're not reading this.

As my APSU time was winding down, I started thinking about what was next. I had no idea. An English degree? What the hell was I thinking? Anyway, Belinda was working with someone at the time who was a law student at Vanderbilt, and listening to Belinda tell her stories, I thought I'd give it a whirl. I applied to three law schools. Vanderbilt, University of Tennessee, and University of Georgia. I was wait listed at Vanderbilt, offered a scholarship to UT, and ended up choosing UGA. I used to worry that I'd made the wrong choice, but based on the friends/experiences I've had down here, I didn't. (This logic fails to account for the friends/experiences I've missed in Knoxville, but don't cry over schools not attended, or something).

Belinda and I got married in January of '04 as she was finishing up her Masters in Social Work, and I was playing a lot of FFXI. We moved to Athens in June of '04, and I've lived in the same apartment ever since. (I think that puts this apartment into 2nd or 3rd place all time in length of time in one place for me.)

Graduation was in May, the first graduation of mine I'd attended. (no high school, and skipped APSU.) Eh, it was ok. I tend to think of graduation ceremonies as a waste of time and resources, but whatever, it makes a bunch of people happy. Besides it got Wesley and Nicole to visit, and I got to meet Greg, so it wasn't all that bad. After graduation, I started freaking out over the bar. A lot of you know what I mean. Honestly, I felt good going into the test, and afterwards I was ok, but the further away from it I get the more worried I am. Its not like I have a job I'll lose if I don't pass, I just don't wanna be the guy everyone knows who didn't pass. If I do fail though, Belinda and I are going to move back to Tennessee where I'll start studying for its bar, and looking for a job up there. And that's pretty much where I am.

Oh, a few random facts: I love baseball, if I was better with numbers I work on baseball stuff all the time. Braves are my favorite team. Hockey its the Predators, and football its the Titans. I don't really pay attention to college sports, but I'll watch college football if its on, but I don't have an attachment to any team. People are usually surprised when they find out my musical taste. I actually like Heavy Metal/Hard Rock. Angry music some call it. I don't know I guess it doesn't mesh with my personality. I can remember getting angry only once in the last 10 years. Of course I could just being having rage blackouts. Haha. OK, wow, I've written a lot. If you've made it this far, I owe you a Coke. Come pick it up whenever you want. If you need directions, send a message, or if you have any questions send a message. If you were involved in any of the above anecdotes and want to make a correction, send a message. If you think you just wasted a big chunk of your day reading this, don't send a message. Why waste my time too?

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Wish me luck everyone...
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Well, everyone, I've got an interview tomorrow, and I'm hoping it'll go well. I've had good interviews before, but things just haven't worked out. This is a job I'd really like, and I hope that things work out. So wish me luck! If things go well, I'll finally have to become an adult, which isn't too horrible I guess.

Is it horrible? Shh, don't tell me if it is. Let me find out for myself.


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