Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Parte numero two.

In order to get to the much request recap of the game on the 5th, here is part two of the 3 days in Southern Georgia spectacular. When we last left our heroes we were in Pitts. After lunch at casa de Shawn's family, and the tour of the town, we headed back to the lake house. There we hopped inthe boat, and headed over to Daniel(?)'s house and picked up him, Lee, and two guys whose names I don't know. There turns were taken at wakeboarding and water-skiing. I did not attempt either because as I said in the last post, I didn't have a swim-suit.

Anyway, Gussio tried to water ski and failed spectacularly. But it did look like fun for a couple of seconds there.

The end of the day there were fireworks. Umm, see its been so long I can't remember what else happened.

The next day Gussio, Belinda, Shawn and I went out in the boat again. First we went down to what I believe was called the blue hole, which was one of those places with ropes and platforms where people jump off and try not to break their neck. As Shawn explained it, there are 3 levels: Low, Medium, and Drunk. Gussio jumped from Low and Shawn jumped from a rope from nearly medium. It looked like fun, but again, no swim-suit for me nor Belinda, therefore no fun for us.

We then went out and tried to waterski again. This time I decide to just forget that there was no swim suit and I jumped in to try to waterski too. I failed more spectacularly than Gussio, as I didn't have the strength in my hands to hold on to the handle. Gussio, in his second day, was able to get up for a few seconds at a time, and the other highlite was that I got to drive the boat while Shawn skied, so that was cool.

Other snippets of info from that day: 1: While Shawn was Sking, David and Belinda and I all got bit by the same bug in a 30 second period. I think it got Gussio twice. 2: When I jumped in the water I had forgotten to take off my shirt, so it was soaking wet the rest of the day, which eventually lead to a horrible sun burn. 3: There is no 3.

OK, I'm pretty sure that's a decent enough recap of the Pitts trip. Next: Live baseball recap. Stay tuned. Or whatever you do to a webpage.


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