Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A legend, a drunk, an umbrella, and me. (& Amy too)

This is it, the long awaited baseball game recap-o-rama. It was Greg Maddux's first game in Atlanta since rejoining the Cubs, and since I'd never seen him pitch in person before I knew I had to go. Willing to go alone, but not really wanting to, I invited my friend Amy to come to, as she too likes baseball and has an unhealthy obsession with one Ryan Langerhans.

The game was nice, as the Braves jumped early lead and hung on to win the game. Of course the baseball action isn't what made this night eventful, and certainly isn't what you've come here to read.

Side-story #1: The first "side story" I'll call it, involves a trio of purchases. As a funraiser the Braves had autographed balls hidden in Brown paper bags, for only $40. As I'm a risk taking sort, I bought 2. My first ball was signed by Pat Corales. Certainly a fine individual, but a signature of the Braves bench coach wasn't what I was hoping for. My next ball was Julio Franco. That's more like it! I thought to myself, and a that point Amy was persuaded into purchasing her own mystery ball. The clincher was when I told her that if she got someone she didn't like I'd be willing to trade my Franco ball. Well long story short, she pulled a Marcus Giles, leading to the both of us jumping up and down and then exchanging balls. Erm, yeah.

Side-story #2: There was a rain delay, which is side story number 2. Really that's it. The funny part is that it stopped raining and they started rolling back the tarp, and no sooner than they get the infield fully uncovered than it starts pouring rain again. Hight of hilarity.

Side-story #3: During the rain delay, a drunk guy came up to Amy and I. And started talking about how happy he was to meet Tim Hudson (I was wearing my Tim Hudson shirt, and the resemblance is uncanny.) A few sentences later and drunk guy was asking Amy if she was available and hugging her a little close. The guy looked about 19, so we know he was right at Amy's limit.

Side-story #4: The last side story, this one involves moving up to some pretty close seats right behind homeplate for the last 3 innings or so. It was pretty cool being that close. Amy skreetched at Langerhans, and we tried to get an MVP chant going for Andruw, but it failed. Anyway as mentioned above, the Braves won, so there it was a good night all around.

OK, I'm sure if I left anything out Amy will correct it, the next few entries will be pictures from my recent trip back to Nashville/Clarksville. Hey if Anuj can make entries of just pictures, so can I.


Blogger Amy said...

things granville left out:

1) the guy with the umbrella. he appears in the title but nowhere in the actual post. so there was this guy with an umbrella sitting in front of us in our pilfered seats after the rain delay. he thought it would be way cool to keep the umbrella up despite the actual weather conditions. this meant that granville had to assume some rather contorted positions to watch our heroes at bat. funny. but umbrella guy was affable and told us a Tale of a Foul Ball. and then showed us the Foul Ball. cool.

2) the "hey batter" kid. seriously. this kid would...not...shut...up. i tried several times to explain to him that you only yell that at the opposing side to make them screw up, but he seemed to think it would make the braves get a hit. and who am i to trample on a boy's dreams? i believed that "skreeching" at langerhans would get me a date, so really i've got nothing on this kid.

3) signing up to be part of the braves club. subsequently coming into possession of coupons for $1 off nachos (my favorite thing ever) mere moments after i had already bought nachos. irony.

4) hiding from the sketchy guy i recognized from church in savannah. while he yelled silly things to taunt cubs fans.

5) soggy pants.


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