Monday, July 31, 2006

Ask a Granville about a Ninja.....

If you did what the title to this post suggests, this Granville would tell you that Ninjas are mystical and ancient assassins capable of carrying out a wide range of missions that would curdle the resolve of most people. Turning it into something not unlike cottage cheese (and slightly tastier). Oh, and they're hilarious. Below (if it works) is my favorite episode. Enjoy.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Look, its me, where I belong, the Predator's Locker Room. Anyway, now that my delusion is done, you should look below as I've written and posted a ton of pictures from my last couple of trips to Nashville. I don't know what it means when the place where you consider yourself to be from has turned into a vacation spot, but here we are. Enjoy. Posted by Picasa

Wesley and I just out having a good time. Wesley and I saw Clerks II shopped for CDs, played a game of video football (he won), watched some cartoons, watches some Internet stuff, (I highly recommend, I'll put up a link to it soon.) and generally remembered old times. We also have some projects on the horizon, some clues of which are below. Oh, and we took this picture ourselves. Posted by Picasa

The building to the side is Sevier Hall, where the Titan's are living during training camp.  Posted by Picasa

Behind that fence is the place where the Titan's are holding their first training camp of the year. They're also staying at Sevier Hall, which is where Belinda used to live. I also have inside information that the school has bought connector pieces to connect the twin beds in each room into a bigger one. Also, the RHD of Sevier (the head of the RAs in that hall) had to move out for the summer because of the Titan's coming in. (Her name is Lucy, she started as an RA after me, she and Wesley were in the same interview group. Group #5, but #1 in our hearts.) Posted by Picasa

This is a smoking fire pit of death that's sprung up next to Killebrew Hall. Wesley told me it'd been going for a while. If you get to close, it sucks you into the first level of hell. Its pretty easy to get out though, you just have to tell them if they let you go back to Earth you'll kill your first born child in its sleep as an offering to them. No contest really, you should check it out.  Posted by Picasa

"I greatly enjoyed the "My Fair Brady" wedding special, and give it one thumb way, way up" Posted by Picasa

Here's the IM field. When last I was here there was no fence, and no baseball blacksplash thing. Wesley and I went out to play catch and frisbee toss. We also invented a new game, that were it to catch on, would lead to many concussions and probably a law suit or two. Its like taking a soccer pentaly kick, but with a baseball. And you throw the baseball. An no one has helments. And the batting cage you're using as a goal has sharp spikes. And its like 103 degrees outside. It was awesome. Posted by Picasa

"He's my very very bestest friend...." Posted by Picasa

Here's a picture of a new building on APSU's campus. It isn't yet completed, but it sure looks nice anyway, eh? There's gonna be a swimming pool, and a track, and all kinds of crap. There's a fence around it to keep out people, 'cause its a constuction site, and the building's not completed. And Stuff. Posted by Picasa

This certainly isn't a picture that anyone took while being inside a building that wasn't yet completed. Posted by Picasa

Belinda, Ricky, Nancy, and I attended the Jeff Fisher celebrity softball game. I mainly went to see Chris Mason and Tomas Vokoun. Mission accomplished. (See Below.) Posted by Picasa

Rudy Calis on the left, a local newsreporter in Nashville. I put him here because he once snubbed my friend Wesley. One day Calis, you'll feel the wrath of the Space Barber. Posted by Picasa

The future of the Titans. Vince Young before he was officially a Multi-millionaire. He signed autographs for a long time, but I didn't have a football or anything (except a puck, see below), so I didn't even try. Seemed like a nice guy though. Posted by Picasa

Tomas Vokoun's thinking about coming to sign autographs, he'll come closer, but totally ignore me... Posted by Picasa

I think it was at this point, I yelled to the crowd "C'mon! I brought a puck people!!!" I mean they were getting Mason and Vokoun to sign footballs and crap. Seriously. It didn't help. Posted by Picasa

Tomas Vokoun, ignoring my pleas for an autograph. Posted by Picasa

Here I am talking to a wonderful little girl who used her cuteness powers to get Mason and Vokoun to sign my puck. She was wonderful, and I'd give her a dollar if I could. Posted by Picasa

The Tomas Vokoun signed side of the puck, you can tell I'm happy because of the sweat. Posted by Picasa

The Chris Mason signed side of the puck, the sad face is because at the time I believed him to be leaving the team within a week. Posted by Picasa

Here's Belinda brightening up what would otherwise be a grey day. Posted by Picasa

Vokoun: So what are the lines for again?

Mason: Look, I'm here to play, I'm sorry that they don't have baseball in the Czech Republic, but we have it in Canada, eh!  Posted by Picasa

Look, Steve McNair and Vince Young on the same team at the same time. It was fun while it lasted. (They did a thing were each of them pitched to the other before the 'game' it was entertaining.) Posted by Picasa

Chris Mason, Predator's backup goalie, has very hairy arms. Posted by Picasa

He's pretty big for a SS. Posted by Picasa

"I think Steve McNair is blurry that's the problem. Somewhere in Baltimore there's this large out of focus quarterback running around, and that's extra scary to me." Posted by Picasa