Thursday, October 27, 2005

This is my Brother-in-law Ricky. He was jealous because there were no pictures of him below. If he'd just went to the hockey game with us there would have been pics. So its his fault. Either way here he is, hard at work. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 23, 2005


Well, this weekend was fun, but I don't know if I could do it again. At least not the same way. Belinda and I drove up to Nashville on Saturday, watched the Predators down the San Jose Sharks 2-1, and then drove back to Athens getting home at about 5:30AM.

I had fun, and I think Belinda did too. The Preds didn't play well, and probably should have lost, but Tomas Vokoun, the Predators' goalie, just wouldn't let it happen. He played out of his mind, and stole a win for the Preds.

There was one scary moment in the game, when Vokoun took a puck to the throat. His head snapped back, he fell, somehow pushed the puck to the corner before collapsing motionless on the ice. The entire arena fell silent in unison, as all of us feared the worse. Very fortunatly for us, he got up after a few minutes, and actually finished the game. Now, I'm as big a Scott Hartnell fan as anyone, but Vokoun was the #1 star of the game in my book, for stopping 37 of 38 shots and coming back after taking a 90 something MPH slapshot to the neck and still going.

Pictures from the game are below. Enjoy. Or not. Whatever. ;)

Belinda's dad and I before the game. Look at how happy we are with the Pred's 6-0(which turned into a 7-0) start. Posted by Picasa

Belinda's dad and I before the game from further away.  Posted by Picasa

Belinda outside the arena before the game. Posted by Picasa

The Predators erected a puck wall (6 walls actually) to honor the season ticket holders who kept tickets throughout the lockout. Posted by Picasa

Its a bit fuzzy, but here's Belinda's dad's puck. He's been a Predators Season ticket holder since 1998, the team's first year. Posted by Picasa

Here's Belinda's dad standing next to his puck on the wall. His puck is close to Former Titan's Tight End Frank Wycheck. Belinda was very excited. Posted by Picasa

Here's a pic of me as we walked down low to watch the Preds warm up before the game. I have some kind of crazy-eye thing going on.  Posted by Picasa

A pic of Belinda as we're going down close to the ice. Posted by Picasa

This is a better pic of me. One day I'd like to have seats this close for an actual game. Posted by Picasa

#29 Tomas Vokoun leads the Preds out to the pre-game warm-up. Posted by Picasa

#30 Chris Mason, Vokoun's back-up, warmed up right in front of us, which was pretty cool. Posted by Picasa

#29 Tomas Vokoun practicing getting hit with a puck. Posted by Picasa

#24 Scott Walker with #2 Dan Hamhuis in the background. I really like this picture, but that's just me. Posted by Picasa

Belinda and I during the game. Aren't we cute? Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 16, 2005

What follows are pictures from the day I recently spent at Rock City. Posted by Picasa

Here I am with the cutest girl in the world(Belinda came in #2), Kyra Finch, on my shoulders. For a further example of her cuteness: earlier this year we went to visit family in Nashville, and she lost her Kazoo. I was in the family room alone, looking up baseball stats or some-such, and we had the following conversation: Kyra: "Kazzo? Kazzzooooo?" Me: "Kyra, why are you yelling for your Kazoo? Do you think it'll answer you?" Kyra: "No, silly, it doesn't talks" Me: "Then why are you yelling for it?" Kyra: "Cause its LOST!" Posted by Picasa

Belinda, looking very Green. Posted by Picasa

My mother in law Nancy Wilson.  Posted by Picasa

Here you can see the corn "maize" that we went to later in the day.  Posted by Picasa

I think this thing is lying. I don't really think its possible to see Kentucky from there. Posted by Picasa

I don't know why I look so angry in this picture. Posted by Picasa

Belinda, getting an eye-full. Posted by Picasa

I call this one, "Granville at Rest." Posted by Picasa

The Finch family minus one. Belinda's brother Chris in the back, his wife and son Kylie and Chasten in front. Posted by Picasa