Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Here's Wesley inside his room. It isn't the best pic of him, as it was like midnight at this point, and I didn't give him any warning I was taking a pic. So to repay him, I'm uploading it last so it'll be on top of this page for a while. You're welcome buddy!  Posted by Picasa

The new campus maps. APSU has a lot of money now thanks to the lottery. And they've spent that money on signs. Way to Go. ("Way to Go" was actually our school's slogan for a while, so that's extra funny if you knew that. Otherwise its just normal funny) Posted by Picasa

Here's Harned. My school's English/history building. It used to be a dorm way back in the day, so all the classrooms are really tiny. Good building though, there was a balcony to hang out on between classes. In the forground there is a sinkhole that had a stone ring built around it, and now they're putting colored rocks down there to form a giant AP. Not a good idea. Posted by Picasa

Here's Wesley and Jason Jackson "working" checking people out of a summer camp at one of the dorms. I think Jason was making that face because of the guy wearing a "Straight Pride" shirt around him. Or it might've been my hair. It was really bad that day. Posted by Picasa

Inside my RA room. Not as cool without me there. Oh, I should mention I could get in all these rooms cause Wesley had the master key and with it comes powers unfathomable to normal men. Or at least he could just open all the doors. Posted by Picasa

Here's the room I had as an RA. Best. Room. Ever. It was right next to the huge water heater, so in the morning I didn't have to wait forever for hot water, and I had a private Bathroom.  Posted by Picasa

My first dorm room. I lived here with Brian Curtis for a while, and then Jason Fromm. This is the room where I first confessed my feelings for Belinda to Belinda, isn't that special? :) Posted by Picasa

Here is my dorm up in Clarksville. Its summer so its empty which is kinda cool. You can see my car next to the Dumpster. This place was home for 3 years. Posted by Picasa

Here's the Frist musuem. Bill Frist is still crazy, even if this place is pretty nice.  Posted by Picasa

Belinda's High School. Its Haunted. I just made that up, but you thought it was true for a second didn't you? Posted by Picasa

Here's the sign to Belinda's highschool. This school is on Broadway a stone's throw from Gaylord Entertainment Center. Posted by Picasa

Here is the Gaylord Entertainment Center, Home of my Nashville Predators. I did Jumping jacks in the pouring rain in front of this building once for two tickets to a game. I rule. Posted by Picasa

Driving downtown on Broadway. The Bellsouth Building, in the background on the left, is also known as the Batman building. Cause it looks vaguely like Batman. Posted by Picasa

Here's the skyline from the car driving down Charlotte Ave. Posted by Picasa

A zoomed view from the hospital window. Posted by Picasa

First, though you're probably seeing this last as you scroll down, here's Belinda and her mom. Belinda's mom's a nurse and this is the view from her floor of the hospital. Posted by Picasa

A legend, a drunk, an umbrella, and me. (& Amy too)

This is it, the long awaited baseball game recap-o-rama. It was Greg Maddux's first game in Atlanta since rejoining the Cubs, and since I'd never seen him pitch in person before I knew I had to go. Willing to go alone, but not really wanting to, I invited my friend Amy to come to, as she too likes baseball and has an unhealthy obsession with one Ryan Langerhans.

The game was nice, as the Braves jumped early lead and hung on to win the game. Of course the baseball action isn't what made this night eventful, and certainly isn't what you've come here to read.

Side-story #1: The first "side story" I'll call it, involves a trio of purchases. As a funraiser the Braves had autographed balls hidden in Brown paper bags, for only $40. As I'm a risk taking sort, I bought 2. My first ball was signed by Pat Corales. Certainly a fine individual, but a signature of the Braves bench coach wasn't what I was hoping for. My next ball was Julio Franco. That's more like it! I thought to myself, and a that point Amy was persuaded into purchasing her own mystery ball. The clincher was when I told her that if she got someone she didn't like I'd be willing to trade my Franco ball. Well long story short, she pulled a Marcus Giles, leading to the both of us jumping up and down and then exchanging balls. Erm, yeah.

Side-story #2: There was a rain delay, which is side story number 2. Really that's it. The funny part is that it stopped raining and they started rolling back the tarp, and no sooner than they get the infield fully uncovered than it starts pouring rain again. Hight of hilarity.

Side-story #3: During the rain delay, a drunk guy came up to Amy and I. And started talking about how happy he was to meet Tim Hudson (I was wearing my Tim Hudson shirt, and the resemblance is uncanny.) A few sentences later and drunk guy was asking Amy if she was available and hugging her a little close. The guy looked about 19, so we know he was right at Amy's limit.

Side-story #4: The last side story, this one involves moving up to some pretty close seats right behind homeplate for the last 3 innings or so. It was pretty cool being that close. Amy skreetched at Langerhans, and we tried to get an MVP chant going for Andruw, but it failed. Anyway as mentioned above, the Braves won, so there it was a good night all around.

OK, I'm sure if I left anything out Amy will correct it, the next few entries will be pictures from my recent trip back to Nashville/Clarksville. Hey if Anuj can make entries of just pictures, so can I.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Actual picture of the only landmark in Knoxville. The World's Fair Globe thingee. Posted by Picasa

Knoxville, TN as seen on The Simpsons "Tennesseein' is Tennebelievin'  Posted by Picasa

Parte numero two.

In order to get to the much request recap of the game on the 5th, here is part two of the 3 days in Southern Georgia spectacular. When we last left our heroes we were in Pitts. After lunch at casa de Shawn's family, and the tour of the town, we headed back to the lake house. There we hopped inthe boat, and headed over to Daniel(?)'s house and picked up him, Lee, and two guys whose names I don't know. There turns were taken at wakeboarding and water-skiing. I did not attempt either because as I said in the last post, I didn't have a swim-suit.

Anyway, Gussio tried to water ski and failed spectacularly. But it did look like fun for a couple of seconds there.

The end of the day there were fireworks. Umm, see its been so long I can't remember what else happened.

The next day Gussio, Belinda, Shawn and I went out in the boat again. First we went down to what I believe was called the blue hole, which was one of those places with ropes and platforms where people jump off and try not to break their neck. As Shawn explained it, there are 3 levels: Low, Medium, and Drunk. Gussio jumped from Low and Shawn jumped from a rope from nearly medium. It looked like fun, but again, no swim-suit for me nor Belinda, therefore no fun for us.

We then went out and tried to waterski again. This time I decide to just forget that there was no swim suit and I jumped in to try to waterski too. I failed more spectacularly than Gussio, as I didn't have the strength in my hands to hold on to the handle. Gussio, in his second day, was able to get up for a few seconds at a time, and the other highlite was that I got to drive the boat while Shawn skied, so that was cool.

Other snippets of info from that day: 1: While Shawn was Sking, David and Belinda and I all got bit by the same bug in a 30 second period. I think it got Gussio twice. 2: When I jumped in the water I had forgotten to take off my shirt, so it was soaking wet the rest of the day, which eventually lead to a horrible sun burn. 3: There is no 3.

OK, I'm pretty sure that's a decent enough recap of the Pitts trip. Next: Live baseball recap. Stay tuned. Or whatever you do to a webpage.

Friday, July 08, 2005

The long anticipated, never duplicated, only slightly refrigerated "Pitts Trip" Recap...

This is a little late, but I've just now had time to sit down and write this out. To start as most stories do, with the beginning. My friend Shawn, is a native of Pitts, GA, and he invited a bunch of us down for the 4th o' July. I'm also from a small town, (Cross Plains, TN) but David Gussio and my wife Belinda, are from pretty big cities, so they were interested to see what it was like. The three of us left on July 2nd, and headed for the dim lights and lonely streets of the small town.

I should point out that when packing for the trip Belinda wanted to pack swimming suits, but I told her no, as I didn't think there would be any swimming to be had. If only I had known we were going to a lakehouse. Doh!

We arrive at Shawn's family's lakehouse and get settled. Shortly after that we head on over to were the action is, a friend of Shawn's house. (Who I'm almost certain was named Daniel, but when you meet a lot of people at once, its almost impossible to remember names.) At Daniel's there were a lot of people on the dock, and a keg by the house. Those of you who know me, know that I'm not a fan of beer, but I was saved as eventually Shawn's friend Rob brought a bottle of Maker's Mark. I had never heard of it before, but whiskey's whiskey, so I drank practically the whole thing. (Later Goose would call the amount I drank "ridiculous.") Then other stuff happened, most of which I can't remember. I do remember Gussio winning the "stand on a stump" game I invented (not as much fun as throw the wallet, but you do what you can). And I remember calling Amy, saying something then hanging up. And later in the night I deduced that it had rained, because everything was wet. I think I was inside or on the porch when that happened because I was dry.

The next day I heard tales of Shawn playing in a band, of Shawn's freind Lee pulling a broken down boat to a dock, and of a dead alligator. Of course, I was hangover-less. (Though I must admit there are large chunks of time missing from my memory, and that really freaks me out, I'll never be that drunk again, so if you weren't there, sorry you missed it.) Day two was the day we went into Pitts proper.

Pitts was an interesting town. Its certainly bigger in area than Cross Plains, (or seems that way) but it has fewer people. I'd like to use this space to once again thank Shawn's family for the wonderful lunch we had that Sunday. (Where stories were told of rattlesnakes, kittens, Bensons, roosters, and Bear/Deer hybrids. No. Really.) Mmm Turkey. Then Shawn took us on a tour of Wilcox county. We saw the fields, the chicken houses, the pecan orchards, the fields, historic© downtown, Shawn's great-granfathers old cars, a turtle, the fields, the goats, the huge freezer, the fields, the incinerator(from the kitten story, duh), and the fields. There were a lot of fields.

There is more of course, but that will have to wait for another time. Or day. Or something. I read somewhere that short entries were better, as the attention span of people isn't long enough to sit through a long story. But I'm not really sure, I couldn't finish it.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Goings on

Well, I meant to have already written a summary of the Pitts trip by now, but it'll have to wait until I've recovered mentally, physically, and spiritually from it. (not to mention having Saturday night recreated for me, so that I know what happened, because most of it is a blank) I also will have another entry about the Braves game on the 5th, but that too will have to wait until I have more time.

For now I just wanted to write down some movie quotes that I think are under-rated/unknown. Enjoy. Or not. Hell, you've read this far, might as well keep going.
From Major Payne:
[Payne has just been informed that the USMC has run out of battles for him to fight, AND has passed him over for promotion to Lieutenant Colonel]
Major Benson Winifred Payne: General, surely there must be SOMEBODY left who needs some killin'.
Gen. Decker: Sorry, Major. There's nobody left. You've killed them all.

[Counting out push-ups to the cadets]
Major Payne: One! Don't you feel dumb. Two! Look at you. Three! Don't you ever make jokes about me behind my back or else I'll stomp you into the ground.
Sandurz: Prepare for light speed.
Helmet: No, no, light speed is too slow.
Sandurz: Light speed too slow?
Helmet: Yes, we'll have to go right to...Ludicrous speed!
Sandurz: Ludicrous speed! Sir, we've never gone that fast before. I
don't think the ship can take it.
Helmet: What's the matter, Colonel Sandurz...CHICKEN?!

Now Lonestarr you see that Evil will always triumph over good because good is dumb

That's really all I have, for whatever reason those movies have been on my mind lately. Ok, next update should be about either the Braves game or the Pitts trip, maybe both. I know you're waiting with baited[?] breath. (What does that even mean? Don't tell me, unless you know. Or think you know. Or know someone who knows. Or know someone who thinks he or she knows. 'Cause I kinda wanna know.)

Friday, July 01, 2005

The opposite of happiness....

I am not thrilled about this: Click me and weep. It was nice haveing civil liberties for a while there, eh?