Friday, June 22, 2007

Coming Soon....

I don't have enough time to write out the blog entry I want to, so I'm just putting this here to remind me to write it when I get a chance. Tentative title: "Episode Two, the Beginning"

Friday, June 08, 2007

"... And I must be stopped!"

So, I never update this place. However, I still think that its an important thing for me to have available. Since talking about it with Gussio at lunch the other day, I've been trying to think about what the purpose of this is. I always tell anyone who asks about it that the reason I don't update more often is because nothing really has happened. Which is always a lie. Well, not technically a lie, but a misstatement of the truth (that's the Bar/Bri training kicking in).

Tons have things have been happening. I graduated law school for one. You can check Belinda's blog for the pictures. I'd put some here, but I'm tired. I'm tired because even though I've graduated I still have to learn, oh, the law in order to take the Bar in July. I'm more mentally exhausted than I've been in a long long time, and its only the second week. Plus, I'm not even doing that well on the multiple choice questions (though I'm very close to the "national averages" that the DVD guy gives us...), and I only feel somewhat confident in my essays. I spot almost all the issues in each question, but I leave things out of my analysis. I've got to train myself to write down everything I know about a topic, even if it feels redundant. So it goes.

That reminds me. Kurt Vonnegut died. That sucks. He got a little wacky towards the end, but he was a great writer. I don't understand how one becomes a great writer. Or even a mediocre one. Kurt Vonnegut though... he was great. See how much that sucked? I've got a long way to go to get to mediocre. I always identified with Twain and Vonnegut, and I guess I've always harbored fantasies of becoming the next great misanthropic writer.Probably won't happen, but that's something to strive for, right? So it goes.

The Predators are being sold. That sucks. I mean, the team finally got good, and the owner, who always swore that no matter what he'd never sell/move the team, decides to sell. The new owner will move the team to Canada ASAP. It'll be horrible for Nashville's economy, not to mention my psyche. The fans who care, care a lot, but there just aren't enough of them in the business community to make the team a viable option in Nashville. If the team would try to reach out to the music industry, it'd be something, but it's a lost cause now. I'll miss the team. I'll reduce myself to just cheering for players at this point: Timonen, Legwand, Hamhuis, Radulov, Weber, Sullivan, Suter, and of course Vokoun. Maybe in a Canadian market these guys will get the respect a team with the 3rd best record in the league deserves. (Tied with Cup winning Anaheim)

I still don't have a job. That sucks. I've given up hope on the Douglas job. People want me to call, but I past that point a long time ago. If they were going to hire me, they'd be in touch by now. Belinda and I are just going to stay here in Athens until I do get one. (Which shouldn't be too much longer, right?) I'm willing to go anywhere in the state and do any kind of work. Anyone reading this have an opening?

I've started watching SportsNight again. It doesn't suck. Of course, I only used to get to watch it because Wesley would come down to my room and we'd watch it when APSU got hit by a freak snow-storm or something. Knowing how much I miss those days, Wesley, as a graduation present, got me the complete series. I highly recommend the show, but know it can be a bit didactic at times, though when you agree with it you don't notice it. There are more than a few memorable quotes, one of which had me laughing uncontrollably for about five minutes straight. Ahhh "many, many people."

One of my old friends got in touch with me the other day. Chris Freeland. When I say old it has many meanings. First of all, dude is 30 and will turn 31 in August. Hah. Secondly I knew him when he was 19, which means I was.. uh... 15? That sounds about right. First of all, how cool was he at 19 to be hanging out with me? Haha. I was shorter than him back then. And I had more hair them him. (Of course if he's going through his shaved head phase again, I still might.) We used to get together to play Magic during the week (as his work schedule had him have days off/on during the weeks). Chris introduced me to Metallica, so I thank him for that. After Magic there were the days of the four of us (Chris, Little Jason, Big Jason, and Me... occasionally James and Delane, though they were never core members I guess. When I think of those days, its always the four of us...) Roleplaying games, video games, MMORPGs, Q-Zar, movies, Warhammer 40k, etc. I spent most of my time with JasonF(Big Jason) back then. We lived the closest together, and we were the two that didn't work. Of course, I was like 15-18 he was 18-21. And I actually had a job there for a while. Hah! Anyway, I spent most of my time with JasonF, and we were pretty close. But Chris and I really had to most in common. Chris had (has?) a lot of issues, and so did I. We would talk pretty freely with each other about all kinds of crap... I think we helped each other, if only having someone to talk to. Then there were the late night conversations in Jame's car. Something about driving around at 1:00AM would just lead to all kinds of weird crap coming out of our mouths. Those were the days...

That chapter of my life ended when I started to college. JasonF and JasonT(little Jason) followed me there after a semester or two. Chris had a good job, and didn't join us. JasonT actually graduated, while JasonF got married, so it wasn't a total loss for him either. I did both. (though JasonT might be married by now.. I have no way of knowing) School worked to tear us apart I guess. We all had less free-time, and Chris was further away. We all made independent friends, spent more time apart. I became good friends and roommates with Brian, and when he became an RA JasonF and I were roommates for a semester. I don't really remember that semester that way, because we never saw each other. That was when he first got with Melissa and Belinda and I were spending most of our time together, so it was the ending of the end, I guess. Though all of those guys were 4-5 years older than me, we all kind of grew up together. Chris got in touch with me, I'm guessing, because I sent him a graduation announcement. I would have sent them to the Jasons as well, but I have no idea where they are. I hope they're both well. I'm going to do my best to go see Chris the next time I'm in Nashville, I hope it won't be weird. Though I know it will be. The last few times I saw JasonT it was. All we had to talk about were the things we used to do. "Remember the firemen at Q-Zar who wanted to kick our butts for beating them so bad?" "He strip mined the Oasis!" We just don't know each other anymore. I called JasonF on his birthday two years ago, and it was very similar. Its sad to think that people who were so close can become strangers. (Not enemies like Brian and I, but that's another blog entry... and besides that was his fault. haha.) Despite the years and miles between us, I still consider those three guys as the best friends I've ever had. Just like "The Wonder Years," I can't help but remember those days fondly (well, except the time I tried to choke JasonF with a baseball bat, but that's another blog entry). Those days sucked, but they were also awesome.

I regret nothing more in my life than growing up.

Of course, I also wouldn't change a thing about my life now. I have a wife I love more than anything else in this world. Great new friends. A brain I've taken out many loans to fill with information which hopefully will provide me with a decent income one day. A Wii, an X-box 360 and TiVo. That last sentence was a joke. Have I mentioned my immaculate sense of humor?

I think, in my ramblings, I've found the purpose of this blog. It's my psychologist. I always work better through writing than through talking, and I always feel like I'd be cheating talking to a shrink because I'd know what they wanted me to say, and I'd just say it. But here I can just write down what I'm thinking, and even explore episodes from my past. (As the above baseball bat choking incident, along with the Brian is my enemy bit.) My life has been very episodic, and the one I'm in right now is coming to a close soon. I hope I do a better job keeping up with my law school friends than I have the other friends in my life. (Another future blog entry will concern Belinda and how even though she came into my life during my 'undergrad part 2' episode it feels like we've been together forever, and she fits in with all my other groups. That's love for you.)

Well, I've been writing for freakin' ever, so I'll stop now and go look over some more never-ending Bar review stuff. I'll leave you with this video. Its more just the song as the video doesn't go anywhere, but I like it. From the new Linkin Park CD.

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