Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The twenty-second day of the eleventh month, of the..... look it's 2005, got it?

So. Its over. The 3rd semester of law school that is. Oh, its not really over. Won't be for another 3 weeks or so as exams begin to suck my will to live out my ear. But hey, I've got Q-tips to plug them up, so I should be fine.

Yesterday the Predators' and the Red Wings' game was cancelled because a Red Wings player, Jiri Fischer, has a seizure on the bench, and had to be hospitaled (that's a word now, by the way) away. I was disappointed to not have a game, but I understand why they stopped, and I hope that Jiri gets well soon.

Now, back to today. As I'm sure you all know the X-Box 360 came out today. I know, I'm excited too. Of course, I don't think any exist as I haven't seen a non-store-display model.

One thing that was released today that I did pick up was the new System of a Down album. I high recommend it, and I say that no matter what your taste in music is. I mean its probably "harder" than most of what you listen to, (That's a general statement, but knowing the people who read this, I feel confident making it.) but good music is good music. Anyway, that leads me to this, which I hope works. Click and enjoy. Just don't have your sound all the way up.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Doing (Out)lines....

Another semester here at UGA law is winding down, and that means, of course, more work than should be foisted upon mortal man. Or woman. Really though, its not too bad. I've outlines done in two of my more detailed classes, and the rest should be realativly easy to finish up. Of course finding time to actually study them will be a little tougher.

Classes end on next Tuesday (22nd, also the launch date of the new X-Box 360). Then on Wednesday night, Belinda and I head up to Nashville to spend Thanksgiving with her family. (And attend the Predators v. Kings came at the GEC. Lets go Preds!) On Friday Belinda has a day of spending money planned with her mother, as I stay at her parent's house and study as much as I can.

On Saturday I'm not too sure what my plans are during the day, but that night, if things go as planned I'll be attending the Preds v. Stars game with Wesley. Should be a good long weekend. My first test is on the following Wednesday, but since we're coming back on Sunday, I'm not too worried about everything being ok. My health-law exam is a take home, and I'll probably pick it up that Friday, and turn it in on Monday, which is the day of my Info Age exam.. Next is Copyright, but I'm not sure of the day, then I finish up with Trusts and Estates on the 14th. Two whole days before I turn 25. I've got an exciting month ahead. Here's hoping I don't blow it.

Oh, I also had a phone interview the other day with a firm in Clarksville. The partner also went to APSU for undergrad, which is nice. I think it went well, but who really knows in these things? You can be sure that if and when I hear anything positive I'll post it here. After telling Belinda of course. ;)

I'm gonna go post a pic or two now, but since they'll be above, you already know that. Unless you're reading this before I've posted, in which case, hit refresh. It's really that easy.

UPDATE: I can't get Hello to connect to the internet, so no pics for a while. Stop hitting refresh.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Ring-ing in David's 25th year

My friend David Dix's birthday was this last Friday. As I wrote him on his "card" congrats on having made it through another year without... dying. It was a fun evening. In attendance were: Me, Belinda, DavidD, Emma, DavidG, Marci, Anna, Nick, Amy, Shawn, Anuj, and Justin. I really hope I didn't forget someone. There were drinks and food at TransMet. And then Drinks and Pool at some other bar. There was a near trip to a boob bar, but it was never made. There was a trip back to the SAD(Shawn, Anuj, David) house. There were a few games of Twister. I declared myself all-time spinner, and proceded to watch everyone get.. well, twisted up. Highlites include Dix cheating by sitting for his entire go-around, and Anuj screaming "You don't know who you're messing with, I do Yoga" at one point.

After everyone was twisted out, we were searching for something else to do. Someone suggested Volleyball, and despite it being 1:00AM, and 65 degrees outside, everyone was all for it. We split up into teams, and play commenced. Not 5 minutes into the game, after hitting the ball, I felt my ring fly off. I stopped and told everyone what happened. Then all of my wonderful friends took time off to dig through the freezing sand to find my ring, and after about 20 minutes of searching.... we had nothing.

Belinda and I decided at that point to head to Wal-Mart and buy a metal detector. We found one, and bought the cheapest model they had (A not-so-cheap $100). We made it back to the court, my, again, wonderful friends still waiting for us. Shawn and I put the thing together Anuj took it onto the court. (Nick: "Why are we letting Anuj do it? Is it because he's never failed at anything before?") Within seconds, literally less than 10, there's beeping. I dig under the detector and there it is, my ring, as right as it ever was.

That ended the night, as it was now 2:30, and everyone was ready for bed. I thanked everyone and Belinda and I headed off. Now, there's a part two, but I don't have time to write it now, I'll get to it when I do. So there.